We’ve cleared the way for more business for you

The new VELUX curved glass rooflight is bound to make you and your customers smile.

The curved-glass shape allows installation in all roofs with a 0-15° pitch, so more daylight can shine through to your customers. And because the base unit is the same VELUX flat roof window base you’re familiar with, installation is hassle free.

The base unit you know, with curved glass to make all the difference

Our modular and flexible system consists of two base units (vented or fixed) plus our two top units in glass and the dome.

VELUX curved glass rooflight (ISD1093)
VELUX flat glass rooflight (ISD 2093)
VELUX dome
Electrically vented base unit (CVP)
Fixed base unit (CFP)
Electrically vented base unit (CVP)
Fixed base unit (CFP)

Eight sizes to catch the most daylight

See how our eight sizes can be combined to catch the right amount of light in the right places.

Increase your earnings with the VELUX curved glass rooflight

The VELUX curved glass rooflight is an affordable, high-end product with a contemporary glass design – perfect for your private homeowner customers. And, as the purchase price for you is the same as our flat glass window, it’s a great upsell opportunity.

Guide your customers through the decision-making process

Use our practical guide to explain the rooflight’s features and sizes to your customers onsite.